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Four Ways on How to Reduce Spam Emails

by Anshu Dev

It is not unusual to get emails if you sign up for accounts from companies like Vulkan Vegas. However, you may, from time to time, also get so many other emails that you did not ask for. These emails are spam. 

Instead of focusing your effort and time on your work or the things that matter, you end up clearing your emails or reading spam. Today, we will help you with this issue. We will provide you with some tips on how to minimize email spam.

1. Mark the Email as Spam

Many email service providers, even free ones like GMAIL and Yahoo Mail, offer a way for you to mark an email as spam. Do this, and you will reduce spam in your inbox. 

This process does not block spam. It puts the spam emails in a separate folder called Spam Folder. The thing is that it only relies on the email address, not the message. So, if you marked one email from Amazon as spam, all emails from the same domain will automatically go to your spam folder. 

On some occasions, this is not the best thing to do. For example, it is possible that not all Amazon emails are spam, right? If you do this, you may miss some emails that have critical information, such as a notification of a breach or something. 

In any case, since the system moves emails to your spam folder, you can go to your spam folder, choose all emails, and then delete them all at a time.  

2. Delete and Do Not Read Spam

One way to fight spam is to delete the email without even reading it. Eventually, the sender will take you off its email list. 

There are times when we sign up for an account just so we can try a new software program. Then, we move on. The thing is that the company will keep on sending us notifications and updates. Some companies do not have the decency to have an option where you can unsubscribe from their email list. In this case, just delete the email without reading it. 

The company, or anyone who keeps your email address in an email list, can see that you are not even bothering to open these emails. Because of this, they will eventually decide that you are not a prospective buyer. 

What they will do is remove your email address from their list. Yes, they will delete your email address. It does not make sense for them to keep it because email lists have a limit. They must pay the email marketing software more money as they keep on adding email addresses on these lists. 

Naturally, they want to save on costs. One of the ways they can do this is to delete the email addresses of people who are no longer interested in their products. Once they do this, they have more space in their list without the need to upgrade their accounts. 

3. Use Several Email Addresses

Another thing you can do to fight spam and minimize its presence is to use different email addresses for different purposes. 

So, how does this work? Let us say that you have Email A and Email B. What you must do is use Email A only for legitimate business, work, friends, and family. Email B is what you use for casual gaming, testing new software programs and other things that do not really matter. 

Of course, your social media and accounts for games that you take seriously should belong to Email A. This way, you will still see the emails from these companies. 

Email B is for accounts that you do not mind losing in the future. For example, you can try a software program like Shopify using Email B. If you like Shopify, sign up with a new account using Email A. From here, you can discard all Shopify emails to Email B moving forward.   

4. Unsubscribe from the Email List

One law that many countries implement is that companies must offer people an option to unsubscribe from their email list. Legitimate companies follow this law. If not, they know they can get sued. 

At the bottom of each email from these companies, you will find a link that says “unsubscribe”. Click this link, and they will no longer send you another email. Thus, it helps you minimize spam.  

Some of them will take you through a survey. They want to know what made you unsubscribe. Answer this survey so you can help the company do their business better.


Spam is an annoying thing. However, it is already part of our daily lives—like trolls on the internet and click baits on YouTube. The only thing you can do now is to manage spam. It can take some effort to get rid of spam. As such, we recommend that you take action immediately once you see a spam email from a company or person you do not want to do business with. Do not let the spam senders pile up before taking action.

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