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 Advantages Of Backblaze’s 3-2-1 Backup Strategy

by Ethan More

Are you fed up with losing important documents? Because of the risks of using USBs? Do you want to protect your vital information, pictures, office files, and other essential data from hard drive failures, unintentional omissions, accidental water spills, theft, or malware? No need to worry because Backblaze is here to help! This online service is beneficial in keeping your files safe and protected. It also has 3-2-1  backup strategies to keep your files safeguarded and available for any problems. 

3-2-1 strategy means having a minimum of three copies of your data, two local but on different media, and at least one copy off-site. An example of this is Socialsecurity.jpg. For instance, you saved a copy several years back on your computer for future reference. Moreover, your computer also has an external hard drive to back up your data. As part of its backup process, that external hard drive will immediately back up socialsecurity.jpg. That is a duplicate on a different device or medium. You have an online backup solution in addition to your computer’s external hard drive backup system.  

Backblaze cloud storage can be very advantageous for you because it can not only keep your files safe and add backup files but also let you quickly access all your files. Even using different electronic devices, you can still open them without problems. Backblaze only requires a mobile device with a strong internet connection. Furthermore, Backblaze is cost-effective because this cloud storage is reasonably priced and affordable.

If you want to discover more about the advantages of Backblaze’s 3-2-1 backup strategy, there are two advantages and their significance.

1. Very reliable in times of malfunctioning

As we all know, malfunctioning a particular device can affect your files, where they will be deleted or cannot be opened. However, with the help of 3-2-1 backup strategies, we no longer have to worry about those problems since the Backblaze backup strategy provides you with three copies of your data. So if you have ever experienced a malfunction on your device that has affected your files, then you need to look at your Socialsecurity.jpg to look for a copy of your infected file or other locations where you can find your copied file. It is essential for you to keep going and don’t let mechanical issues slow you down.

2. Strict Security

When you use Backblaze as your cloud storage provider, you keep your files safe in a secure site where they can also provide you with copies. So if you are worrying that you might experience cyber threats, then don’t worry because this storage is highly secured. They can also provide you with encryption, which means your choice of password encodes your files, so you are the only one who can open the files unless you let others know about your passwords. In other cases, if your device gets lost or snatched by someone, you shouldn’t be alarmed about your files being stolen because you can seek assistance at Backblaze will automatically operate and keep your files safe as soon as possible. Or they can also take your device down, which is crucial for you to save up.


Suppose you are tired of using external drives to store your data where you can also put them at risk. Then use Backblaze cloud storage because it is very beneficial for you since it cannot just provide you with affordable storage but can also give you high security and copies, so you will be assured that your files are in good hands. Furthermore, it can also help you to keep moving and prevent you from getting slow because of malfunctioning problems.

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