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Why Should You Invest in a RAM 1500?

by Ethan More

In Turnersville, NJ, the prices of vehicles like Ford-150 XL, Ford-150 XL, and Ford Maverick XLT start from $31,555 and can go up to $55,305. Here, the new truck and car dealership industry earns $34.6 billion a year and employs over 69,000 people. These dealerships are highly flexible and can adapt quickly to unpredictable circumstances. So you can find a new RAM 1500 for sale in Turnersville, NJ, at a reputed dealership that provides you the option to apply for financing. You can also calculate your payment via the payment calculator, and it will help you determine your purchasing power or your potential monthly payment. So, it makes the whole financing process smooth and hassle-free. So below are some key points that’ll clarify why you should be investing in a RAM 1500. 


Till now, massive pickup trucks aren’t known for helping drivers save money due to gas mileage, but RAM 1500 provides some efficient choices to all. So if you want to save money at the gas station, you can explore RAM 1500 HFE or High Fuel Economy. The model, powered by V6, returns 20 mpg in towns and 26 mpg in freeways. The truck’s efficiency is improved further by the availability of the EcoDiesel engine. So, you can be ready to get around 22 mpg in towns and 32 mpg on the freeway. 

However, although the EcoDiesel engine offers good towing capabilities and a robust fuel economy, upgrading to it can be a bit pricey. 


RAM 1500 provides a smooth ride; even if you drive it on battered pavement, the vehicle feels smooth. It’s why many people use this vehicle for traveling, and it offers a sharp driving dynamic. However, the truck is a bit difficult to park because it does not have a regular cab body style. But it offers impressive handling in various places like a crowded highway or whenever you are driving through the canyons. 

Safety Features 

RAM 1500 has various additional safety features. So, it’s a good choice for drivers who travel primarily in the city, and it’s due to its pedestrian detection feature. Apart from that, the digital rear-view mirror works to reduce blind spots. It also has a head-up display as well as a trailer reverse steering control functionality. And this feature will impart more confidence when you are pulling a trailer. 

The parallel and Perpendicular Park Assist makes parking safer and more convenient. It will steer you into place and direct you in managing gear shifts, accelerating, and braking at the same time. However, the advanced driving aids and the sought-after automatic emergency braking technology is offered only on the upper trims of RAM 1500. 


RAM 1500 offers a spacious cabin that makes it possible even for taller individuals to comfortably extend their legs while sitting in the rear. There’s also a big center console which drivers can use to house extra belongings. Besides, you can upgrade the vehicle to include reclining rear with ventilation and heating. 

Meanwhile, the spaciousness of the vehicle may cause it to consume much parking space. So, it can pose a slight problem for those drivers who have to park in crowded areas. 

Life Expectancy

RAM 1500 can go for more than 300k miles, and it can go this amount of miles without you needing to take much care of them. The RAM 1500 Hemi engines have a lifecycle of 250 to 300,000 miles, but they also need frequent maintenance and attention. So, RAM 1500 can be a good value for money irrespective of whether it is used or new. 

If you find this truck model fulfilling your needs, you can find a new RAM 1500 for sale in Turnersville, NJ, at a dealer’s website, where you can view your credit score and get pre-qualified in seconds. And such a dealer stops a variety of trim levels and options. For instance, you can choose varying sizes of Quad Cab in 2022 RAM 1500 Tradesman or a cab-only trim in 2022 RAM 1500 Laramie that gives ventilated and heated front seats trimmed in leather. You can also enjoy enhancements like leather-trimmed bucket seats in the 2022 RAM 1500 Limited Longhorn.

As you can observe, many features of the RAM 1500 prove to be valuable for drivers. And you can explore the features more to determine if you can invest in any of its models. 

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