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What is Plumbing Cements and its uses?

by Ethan More

When it comes to plumbing projects, there are many different types of plumbing cement. Weld-On Plumbing Cement is one type of plumbing cement that has a variety of different uses. This type of cement can be obtained from local distributors. Other types include Solvent cement, FlowGuard Gold Cement, Hot ‘R’ Cold Cement, Oatey PVC Medium Bodied Fast Set Cement, and more.

Solvent cement

Solvent cement is a type of cement that is used in plumbing. It is available in different formulations. The pipe size and location determine the best one for the job. You can find these formulas at your local plumbing distributor. It would help to choose the suitable solvent cement based on the conditions.

When using solvent cement, choose a product that matches the type of pipe and fitting you use. The viscosity of the cement will depend on how much resin it contains. More resin means it will fill gaps better. There are two types of solvent cement: lighter and heavier ones.

PVC solvent cement is used for joining PVC pipes. It is available in metal cans with a twist-off cap and a sponge applicator. The small can has an applicator pad designed to fit 3 inches of conduit, while the larger can has a larger applicator pad.

To apply solvent cement, prepare the pipe surface with a primer. It will ensure that the cement can penetrate the joining surfaces. Ideally, you should use a natural bristle brush or a swab. For smaller pipes, a dauber can be used. Make sure not to use too much solvent cement, or it will cause the joint to weaken. If your pipes are longer than two inches, you should apply a second coat of solvent cement.

Solvent cement from ipsplumbingproducts.com/brands/weld-on/ can be an excellent alternative to traditional cement in many applications. It is a quick, easy way to repair a pipe without the need to replace it. This material is also safe and easy to use. Solvent cement can be applied to a variety of PVC pipes. It is available in various pressure ratings. For more information, read the label or fact sheet.

FlowGuard Gold Cement

Weld-On FlowGuard Gold (r) CPVC Solvent Cement is a medium-bodied, fast-setting, high-strength plumbing cement suitable for residential and industrial applications. It’s compatible with water piping systems up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit and is ideal for use in potable water systems in mobile homes. The plumbing cement can be applied without primer and is suitable for use on new or existing plumbing pipes.

Oatey FlowGuard Gold Cement is formulated to bond CPVC pipe with various fittings. It’s yellow/tan in color and comes with a brush cap for easy application. It’s registered as a trademark of The Lubrizol Corporation.

It is a solvent-based cement intended for use in plumbing applications with high pressure and elevated temperatures. It’s also designed to withstand pressures and temperatures for up to 50 years. When appropriately used, FlowGuard Gold Cement will ensure leak-free and leak-proof connections. Solvent-based cement can also secure copper and CPVC water pipes without primer.

It’s vital to remember that generic fittings may reduce costs but may also increase failure risks. In addition, many of these fittings are made overseas, so they may not be subject to strict quality control standards. FlowGuard Gold CPVC fittings are made in factories that adhere to strict quality control standards, ensuring better performance and safety.

Hot ‘R Cold

Weld-On 727 Hot ‘R Cold Plumbing Cement is specially formulated for PVC piping. It can be used in temperatures ranging from -15 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit for successful high-strength joints. It is a good choice for both rigid and flexible PVC pipes. Its quick-setting, low-VOC formula is ideal for cold-weather applications.

The Weld-On plumbing cement is available in three different viscosities to cover various plumbing applications. Its regular viscosity is suitable for jobs with diameters up to four inches, while the medium-bodied cement is suitable for larger pipe diameters. However, heavier glue is necessary if the pipe diameter is greater than six inches. It ensures a proper bond between the fitting and pipe.

Hot ‘R Cold is available in gallon, quart, and pint metal cans. It meets ASTM D 2564 standards and is LEED-compliant. It is an excellent choice for plumbing jobs, especially where pressure is high. Consider using 727 Hot ‘R Cold if you need a high-quality product.

Medium Clear PVC Cement is fast-drying and is ideal for DWV, conduit, and potable water pipes. Where local codes allow, it can be applied without a primer. Medium Orange CPVC Cement is recommended for hot water systems in commercial and residential settings. It is compatible with all schedules and classes of CPVC pipe.

Oatey PVC Medium Bodied Fast Set Clear Cement

Oatey PVC Medium Bodied Clear Cement is an excellent choice for potable water, DWV, gas, conduit, and vent applications. This cement is fast setting and offers ideal gap-filling properties. It is safe and environmentally friendly. It’s recommended for all schedules and classes of PVC pipe up to 6″ in diameter.

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