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Top Things To Do In Cherokee, North Carolina

by Ethan More

The Cherokee people were the first residents of this place, and the town of Cherokee bears their name. The town is renowned for preserving a significant amount of tribal historical artifacts and for serving as the main abode for many of the Cherokee people. Cherokee is brimming with interesting things to see that are steeped in rich history, gorgeous natural settings with a wide variety of flora and fauna, as well as fantastic spots for outdoor activities and sports. The town attracts a wide variety of visitors, particularly those looking for a more relaxed, rural setting with access to modern amenities. 

Whether you visit this gorgeous location with family, on a date, with your friends, or all by yourself, you’re sure to have a good time. If you decide to do so, check out our recommendations for cabin vacation rentals in Cherokee, NC. With that said, here are some of the top things to do when in Cherokee.

Explore the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Unquestionably, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is among Cherokee, North Carolina’s top attractions. It boasts the well-deserved distinction of being the most visited national park in the country and covers an enormous 800 square miles of untouched natural terrain. It is conveniently accessible through Cherokee and is located on the border of Tennessee and North Carolina. This place is perfect for extensive exploration activities on weekends because it has more than 300 miles of roadways that run through and around it. Some of the best activities to do when visiting the park include hiking, mountain biking, camping, off-roading, picnicking, and fishing. A heads-up, spending just a day in the park may not be enough, so you should definitely consider staying for an extended period of time.

Visit the Mountain Farm Museum

The Mountain Farm Museum, one of the greatest attractions in Cherokee, is a blooming collection of buildings and farmsteads from the 1800s that will take you back in time. After entering the Mountain Farm Museum via a gravel road, you’ll find yourself being surrounded by a variety of buildings. All of them were constructed in the 1800s, and most of them were manually moved to the current location in the 1950s. Although each building has a different story to tell, they all remain relevant to the town’s history. 

One of which is the stunning house designed by John Davis, which was first built near Indian Creek in 1900. The house is composed of rustic chestnut planks and adorned with dovetail-style notches. There are “commercial” buildings as well. These include apple houses, springhouses, chicken houses, and meat houses.

Indulge in Luxury at Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort

This casino resort is one of the tourist hotspots of the town, and it is undeniably the most luxurious. There are upwards of 1,000 rooms that are spread over 21 floors. There is, of course, the casino where you can take a shot at your luck. But there are also other amenities, such as indoor swimming pools, gyms, spas, and areas for musical performances and live gigs. On top of all that, there are also other restaurants and shops for you to dine at or buy souvenirs. Finally, there’s also a golf course near the resort grounds, and so you can play there afterward.

Have Fun at The Smoky Mountain Gold & Ruby Mine

A lot of people don’t know this, but Cherokee has a rich background in mining. This place pays homage to the town’s mining heritage. There are lots of activities to do here, including mining for small treasures, such as gemstones and gold, while getting your hands dirty. After having mined the stones, you can turn them in at the counter for identification and polishing; then, you can bring them home and take them as souvenirs. Alternatively, you can exchange your stones for other tangibles, like an item from the gift shop, 

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