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Staging a House: Key Home Staging Tips From Real Estate Experts

by Yash

As the housing market has recently begun to pick up steam and the economy continues to recover, many homes are being flipped. If you are on the fence about staging a home to promote it for sale, it is a good idea to consult with real estate professionals who have had success staging houses and apartments. In the meanwhile, we want to share with you a couple of essential tips from some of the best home stagers in the business.

Tip #1 – Research Staging Companies

Before you do any major home staging, research companies you think may be able to help. Consider whether you want a full-scale stage done by a professional designer or just small touches. There are many companies that can help you with home staging. Some may even offer staging services for properties that are for sale, and others will provide staging services for houses that are being considered for purchase. However, when deciding on a staging company to go with, be sure to read reviews and customer feedback to make sure you’re not getting the services you’re looking for.

Tip #2 – De-Clutter and De-Personalize the House

Before you do any of your home stagings, you’ll want to go through the house and make sure it’s clutter-free. This means everything is out of its place, including your clothing, books, toys, art, games, collectibles, etc. Once the house is clutter-free, you’ll want to get rid of your personal belongings. If you can, leave all your things in their original location. If you can’t, consider packing up your items and storing them in a storage unit.

Tip #3 – Clean the House Thoroughly

Clean your house thoroughly before you stage it, and remember to focus on your client’s comfort. It’s a good idea to start your staging by cleaning the house, vacuuming the carpet and floor, and wiping down all the appliances, fixtures, and surfaces. We strongly recommend that you check every corner of the house and make sure everything is clean and in its place.

Tip #4 – Light the House Properly

One of the first things that buyers will notice when they come into your house is the lighting. Whether you’re using window coverings, lamps, or overhead lights, make sure they look good. The light should be on and off in bright areas, such as the entryway and the living room. Dark areas should be properly lit, including the bedrooms. And if the house has built-in lighting, make sure it looks great.

Tip #5 – Repaint Some Rooms

If some of your rooms seem to be especially messy and do not look neat or fresh, then consider repainting them. This may seem like a lot of work, but if you make that room perfect for selling, you will be more likely to make a profit on it. At this point, it is important that you choose the right colour. And virtual staging software solutions will allow you to play around with different colours and choose the one that works best for your apartment. 

Tip #6 – Organize Your Space Effectively

When preparing your home to be shown to a buyer, begin by organizing your space by pulling out items that don’t serve any practical purpose. Get rid of any furniture you’ve collected that doesn’t fit with your current home design or style. This is one of the key recommendations that Andrew Martin, CEO of a residential home staging company,, gives.

“Organize your space by setting the things that don’t belong in a designated space or by organizing your books by category and your office or bedroom by type of paper. In my experience, buyers will notice any clutter and think, ‘can I fit my stuff in here?’” says Martin.

Tip #7 – Add the Finishing Touches

At the end of the day, your house only lives as long as you live in it. It’s as good a time as any to freshen up the finishes. Your new home is about to become your new ‘home,’ so make it feel comfortable for you to live there and to live in it. 

“Home and living are like a marriage. It’s important to keep up the romance,” says Martin. Freshen up the finishes with some quick home repairs. A quick coat of paint or a new rug can give a room some life. “Buyers don’t want a home that just holds a memory. They want a home that is comfortable and inviting to live in,” says Martin.

Wrapping up!

Staging a house can be a daunting task, especially if you’ve never done it before. With so many factors to take into consideration, it can be hard to know where to even start. But it’s important to be prepared. The above tips from real estate experts will get you started on the right foot and help you stage a house for sale.

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