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Praxis EMR vs iknowmed: Exploring The Demo

by Ethan More

Getting to the depth of EHR solutions functioning isn’t as easy as one thinks. It is a painstaking task that takes time and energy. But you don’t have time, do you? It is what mostly care practitioners say that they can’t spare enough time to read about the services of EHR vendors. It is because the lament of biases lies in the middle, which urges practitioners to loom more and more to gather authentic opinions about the services of EHR platforms. We also think it is an energy-draining task, and thus we prefer exploring the demo tutorials of EHR vendors. 

Going through the demo means having a real-time experience of the services of healthcare platforms. It is a phenomenal way of taking a dive into the clinical services an EHR platform offers and exploring how effective it is. Even the learning curve can be assessed from the demonstration videos. Today this guide is all about Praxis EMR vs iknowmed demo analysis. We will analyze the delicate details regarding the features and prime goals of these platforms. By the end of this Praxis EMR vs iknowmed analysis, you will have a clear assessment of both vendors.

So, are you ready to dive in with us? 

Praxis EMR Demo:

Let’s begin his Praxis EMR vs iknowmed guide with the demo insights of Praxis EMR. The demo of Praxis EMR is cost-free but engaging. 

Praxis EMR Aim

Praxis EMR revolves around the concept that medicine is an art. And thus, the vendor makes endless efforts to hold unparalleled power over clinical challenges to smoothen things for the physicians. Practicing the concept processing approach Praxis EMR makes efforts to help physicians tackle patient cases smarter, not harder. The software works as a medical tool transforming the overall idea of clinical task handling. 

Praxis EMR Features:

Smart Agents:

Haven’t you heard of it? Praxis EMR demo shows that the software offers smart agents that handle the side work for you. These are like communication messengers that adapt to the needs of physicians and work just how they want. Using smart agents, you can process things faster. These agents automate reminders, send alerts to patients, and deliver clinical updates to the staff.

Streamlined Reporting:

The reporting service is the heart of the Praxis EMR demo. Praxis EMR features a MARCA and PQRS-ready reporting module at low pricing. It is to shape the workflow of practices by racking their performance level. The reporting module keeps the finances in check and updates physicians about overdue payment collections. In addition, the detailed performance reports of Praxis will help you score more revenue by setting upgraded payment collection strategies.

Billing Solution:

The billing module of Praxis EMR is finely explained in the demo. The billing service of this platform offers financial freedom. The billing service comes with in-house billing support. You will get to experience an improved financial bottom line as there are quality claims management and bills handling services. The billing specialists are also offered by Praxis EMR and are included in the pricing bundles. 

Iknowmed EHR Demo:

It’s time to evaluate the demo of iknowmed in this Praxis ERM vs iknowmed comparison guide. Iknowmed offers a free demonstration tutorial for all. 

Iknowmed Aim:

Iknowmed is centered on streamlining the workflow of oncology and hematology practices. Therefore, the first thing presented in the demo of iknowmed is how this quality platform transforms care treatment services. Built the way you want, iknowmed EHR offers an intact EHR module fully packed with configurable healthcare services. Simply put, iknowmed is inclined to help oncologists grow with the best-of-breed clinical experience. 

iknowmed Features:

Precision Medicine:

This is the best-in-class service offered by iknowmed EHR. The demo of iKnowmed brings to light this impeccable precision medicine service to improve care outcomes. The vendor synchronizes previous lab orders, helps draft effective orders with pre-populated data, and provides lab recommendations when required. Besides all this, iknowmed enables you to access lab results by directly using the patient flow sheets. 

Financial Reporting:

Financial reporting is the next service to explore in the iknowmed EHR demo. Again, the software incorporates premium quality clinical measures to cover for private and public payers. Then there is an automated reporting service where the financial data is reported to the integrated payers. What’s more, these reports are generated with built-in codes mitigating the need for re-data entry and complying with all regulatory bodies. 

Mobile App:

As an oncology provider, you need quality data insights at your fingertips. Iknowmed EHR demo reveals that it has recently launched a robust cloud-based iOS application. You will have instant access to appointment schedules, patient charts, and much more, even on the go. You can readily respond to your patients to tend to their needs, even out of the office with iknowmed. This one-in-a-kind mobile experience will add value to all your clinical operations. 

Final Words:

Now it’s the time to send requests for scheduling demos with both these one-in-a-kind EHR platforms. This Praxis EMR vs iknowmed demo analysis revolves around the aim and salient features of these platforms. You will get to know things better by having one-on-one demo time, as mere words don’t prove anything. The demonstration tutorials will help you understand what we are trying to present here. 

We have added slightly more details to the features because we want you to make an informed decision. Besides these, there are many integrated capabilities Praxis EMR and iknowmed offered. You can inquire about details about these solutions by consulting the official websites or reaching out to the support teams of these solutions. For now, stick to setting up a demo. If after going through the demo you feel like it’s “The one” for you, go for the pricing details of Praxis EMR and iknowmed and seal the deal with the vendor that comes within your budget range. 

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