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porque tengo la boca amarga

by Vinay Kumar

I have the mouth of an angel, and it’s my favorite thing about myself. I’ve always had a sweet tooth and am constantly tempted with sweet foods. I love chocolate, and I love sweets. Sometimes I’ll try and go overboard, but I’m always a sucker for a good chocolate chip cookie.

I’ve been a chocoholic my entire life, and it seems that I’m not the only person who loves chocolate, or in fact, anything sweet. The fact that I have a sweet tooth is a great testament to my personality, and also a great testament that I wouldn’t want to have my mouth changed.

You know what a chocoholic is right? Its the person who loves chocolate more than anything. We all have a penchant for sweets but Im not sure that we are all chocoholic. I do enjoy the occasional cupcake, but I am not a sugar addict. I hate sugar because it makes me feel like Im eating candy when I am eating food.

I suppose it’s not quite that simple. We are all chocolate addicts. The only difference is that one person’s addiction comes from chocolate, and the other person’s comes from sweets. As for me, I love chocolate but I can’t eat more than one, two, three, and four pieces. I hate it because when I eat sweets they tend to taste like shit. I also hate it because I feel like my body is betraying me when I eat sweets.

You’re right, I hate chocolate. But it’s true that I don’t hate it because it’s delicious when I’m hungry and I’m not happy. It’s why I have chocolate bars and candy bars from the first day I started drinking them. I don’t hate it because I’m sick of them.

This statement might seem like a strange one to make. I know people who have loved chocolate for years and who just recently have found it to be a turn-off. They swear by the taste, but they’re usually too afraid to admit it. But in my experience, chocolate with milk and honey is just as delicious as chocolate without it.

I know chocolate was invented in the 19th century, but it’s a relatively recent invention. I don’t think it’s just an accident that we have this particular combination of ingredients in our brains now. It’s also a relatively recent combination that we have the ability to taste.

In my experience, chocolate was first made by a Chinese slave-driver so he could eat the bitter berries of the cocoa bush growing on his plantation. This resulted in the chocolate flavor we know today. The chocolate flavor was brought to England by a traveling circus entertainer in the 1800s. He was called Fudgele because, according to legend, he would always have 2 ounces of chocolate in his pocket.

Fudgele may have been an alias of the Chocolate Fudge maker, but the name stuck, and Fudgele’s Chocolate, was the first to use chocolate flavor in desserts. The first flavor was a dark chocolate flavor, but in the 1800s, the taste of chocolate was introduced to America with the invention of the cookie. When we were kids, we would always get a cookie with chocolate in it. This is still the case today.

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