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Most Useful Gadgets For Cyclists

by Ethan More

Cyclists are perhaps one of the most meticulous groups of athletes when it comes to the devices and tools that they use to improve performance. Cycling is a sport where incremental improvements are very critical. Time is of the essence, and even milliseconds could mean the difference between crossing the finish line first or being left out with the pack. 

As black Friday is nearing, it is expected that a lot of gadgets will be offered on sale. This will include Fitbit Black Friday deals and even other cycling-specific gadgets and equipment like chest strap heart rate monitors, power meters, and cycling computers. In this article, we are going to list some of the must-haves for cyclists and those that you should definitely look out for this upcoming black Friday.

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Smartwatches are undeniably essential to cycling performance. These devices allow cyclists to track and monitor different things at the same time. This typically includes heart rate, blood pressure, sleep, recovery, and more. Through tracking and monitoring these data, cyclists are able to better plan for their training and racing. In general, even if they are not on the bike, smartwatches are great to have because they offer a high degree of utility. These devices allow you to view notifications, respond to texts and emails, control other wireless devices, etc.

Chest Strap Heart Rate Monitors

Most smartwatches are able to monitor your heart rate with a relatively high degree of accuracy. However, some cyclists prefer to use chest strap heart rate monitors to better achieve this function. These devices tend to be very accurate and reliable because they only need to perform one function, unlike smartwatches that have to do a lot of things at the same time. Typically, chest strap heart rate monitors can be synced easily to the cycling computer, which means that you can also view your heart rate and see it through your cycling computer.

Power Meters

One of the most expensive pieces of tech when it comes to cycling is power meters. This is why it is one of the most anticipated and sought-after items on sales, deals, and promotions. Essentially, power meters allow cyclists to record and monitor the power that they are exerting on the pedal when cycling. 

Effectively, this allows cyclists to gauge and adjust their performance depending on what they want to achieve. For example, in a race situation, a power meter will allow cyclists to see if the power that they are putting out is sustainable for the entire duration of the race. If the cyclist observes that his/her current power output is already beyond his/her normal output, then he/she could lower the effort exerted so as to save energy and last longer in the race.

Cycling Computer

Perhaps the most important piece of tech that all cyclists should have is a good cycling computer. A cycling computer typically includes features such as speed monitoring, GPS location tracking, and providing directions. Cycling computers have evolved dramatically over the years, and they have also become more affordable. In effect, even normal and everyday cyclists now have access to this tech, which was previously only available to professionals. 

Cycling computers also allow you to integrate and connect all of your gadgets and devices. For example, you could sync your chest strap heart rate monitor, smartwatch, and power meter into your cycling computer. Through this, you can monitor everything on your cycling computer’s screen, and you won’t have to look at any other screens. This will allow you to focus more on your training or racing. 

Finally, cycling computers also allow you to keep track of your previous activities, along with the data attached to those activities. This feature allows you to see your previous rides and check your data as regards power, heart rate, speed, time, and more. This is crucial to improving performance as you now have an effective method to track your data consistently and reliably.

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