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How to improve your English reading skills

by Ethan More

The variety of skills that reading comprehension can provide can be utilized in every aspect of daily life. Reading strong skills can assist you in decoding and making clear what you are reading, and, as you develop these skills, you’ll be able to increase your ability to write with a high level of communication. It takes time, perseverance and practice to be able to read correctly. 

The most important thing to establish is the purpose of your task. You are reading an academic text and reading instructions for building furniture aren’t precisely identical! After you’ve identified your objective and decided, you’re able to focus on a variety of methods that allow you to engage with the content of a book in a more profound way or on more intensive forms of reading that focus on things like speed and vocabulary. 

How to improve your English reading skills:

1.Schedule daily reading time:

Everyone can enjoy reading anyplace. You can read a fun novel on the bus, lying in bed, or even working. But, you need to be focused and attentive if you’re reading to improve your understanding. It means that you should reserve a specific time to read. 

The time you set aside for reading will allow you to focus without worrying about getting distracted. Keep your mind focused during this period and avoid becoming distracted. Try to concentrate on reading for at least 30 minutes every day. That’s how you can effectively and significantly improve your ability to read.

2.Establish the goal:

It is possible to set reading goals for yourself to broaden your vocabulary, understand different books better, and improve your ability to relate your reading to your views and opinions. You could, for instance, choose to be more proficient in the language of the subject of technology, business management, or another topic that interests you. 

When reading, you can search for the definitions of terms to increase your vocabulary. It is possible to increase the level of complexity of the text you are reading as you expand your vocabulary to more sophisticated terms and sentences.

3.Enhance your fluency first:

Imagine stopping at the word you read in a whole piece of text or even a book. If you read your text in complete phrases instead of word-by-word, you’ll find it more challenging to understand the content you’re reading. It is why it’s essential to begin by increasing your proficiency to enhance your understanding. The quality of your fluency is your reading. 

There should be a certain rhythm to your words when you read aloud from your mind. The language should be fluid, just like when someone speaks. It is the way the native English speaker reads the book in English. Selecting books that are slightly easier to read will help you increase your reading ability, but it may take some time and effort. But, it will benefit you shortly if you put in the time to improve your reading proficiency.

4.Boost understanding of the text:

Your reading comprehension will improve if reading at a moderate speed while using the proper reading methods, including scanning and skimming, based on the context. If you are using this method, you should look at the captions, titles, headings, and other text elements to understand what you are reading. It can help establish critical ideas about the text before reading it. 

5.Read Again:

It’s not enough to read a book once to comprehend it fully. Reading a text multiple times will indeed help you understand it much more effectively, regardless of whether the text is complex or not. If you have read the text but are unable to comprehend them, rereading them or rereading it is an excellent alternative. Discovering things you may not have noticed the last time is an additional benefit. 

Each time you go through the content repeatedly, you’ll encounter new terms, which can help you remember more of the material. It’s a great experience to revisit something. Select a short piece of reading that’s not more than a couple of sentences to be read. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an article or news item, as it takes you about five minutes to read it. 


Reading goes beyond learning. It is about understanding and knowledge. In addition, the task is and often is a delightful practice. It can make us stop. It is possible to smile over it. These are the benefits that it provides us. 

When you work, you’ll get these advantages. There’s a valid reason that you’ve read this book. It’s time to take a step and do the things that will aid you in becoming an improved English reader. 

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