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How to choose a gaming laptop for online gaming

by Anshu Dev

Laptops for gaming are always more difficult to select, as there are more factors to consider. They overheat more, this problem should also be taken into account, since this is what affects your FPS. But otherwise, gaming laptops are not inferior to PC systems and, with the right selection, will become an indispensable assistant when traveling and on work trips.

What to look for when buying

In the case of a laptop, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. CPU
  2. RAM
  3. Video Card
  4. Screen
  5. Battery and operating time


Our FPS and performance in games directly depend on the quality of the processor. The main suppliers of processors in the market now are AMD and Intel. Their products are divided into series, and laptops are designated by sellers – AMD or Intel.

Processors are divided into generations and the higher the value, the more productive it is. There are 3, 5, 7, 9 and 12 – the newest generation of processors.

The 3rd generation is often put into office laptops, which is categorically not suitable for games. A minimum of 5, but preferably 7, or 9 for optimal gaming performance.


RAM is responsible for the variability of the laptop – how fast and how many programs it can keep open at the same time without interfering with the overall operation of the device.

For a comfortable game, at least 8 GB of RAM must be installed. Most laptops are equipped with 4 GB of memory, which is absolutely not suitable – do not forget that Windows takes part of the memory for its needs, and it simply will not remain for games.

The ideal option would be a 16 GB laptop, or 32, but these are rare. If possible, find a model where it is possible to install additional RAM slots and expand it as much as possible. It is also better to use not integer values ​​- 8 GB, but to put 2 boards, but 4 GB each. In this way, greater productivity will be achieved.

If you want your FPS to not sag during the Destiny 2 kings fall carry raid, then put as much RAM as you can.

Carefully check the generation of RAM. It is acceptable to have DDR4, but it is better to choose DDR 5th generation.

Video card

The video card is one of the most difficult in the selection of a laptop. Since you need to choose a model that will be good at gaming, will not cost too much and will not overheat much, because there is limited space for cooling under the laptop case.

What are video cards?

  • Integrated into the motherboard
  • Budget thousandth series (1060 for example)
  • Stripped down versions of top graphics cards for laptops (3060)
  • External connected video card.

Integrated into the motherboard

This solution is rarely used in gaming laptop models, but still occurs. This is the cheapest and lowest quality gaming option you can think of. Due to integration into the motherboard, such a video card simply cannot physically be productive for serious games, and in order to avoid disappointment, do not even look in the direction of such laptops. Leave such models for working office tasks.

Budget thousandth series (1060 for example)

Budget video cards from the thousandth series are suitable for games, often at medium, sometimes at high settings. This model is suitable if you need an average laptop to work, play, and save a budget. With a financial opportunity, it is better to immediately consider a more expensive version of the device.

Stripped down versions of top graphics cards for laptops (3060)

Optimal video card. In conjunction with a good processor and sufficient RAM, all top games will fly on this device. There may be problems with overheating, but this is solved either by the built-in cooling system, or by purchasing a laptop stand with additional coolers.

External connected video card.

Such a video card is quite expensive, but it is a full-fledged video card without cuts for laptops, and if you need maximum performance, then you should consider this option. The system connects to the laptop separately and gives the best FPS value, or minuses – an additional device that you need to carry with you and a high cost.


The screen is the easiest to determine, because the most outdated TN matrix is ​​almost never put in the segment of gaming laptops.

IPS is optimal, has an average cost and is installed on most laptops. The picture is good enough to take a model with an IPS screen.

OLED is better than IPS in terms of color reproduction, but has a very high cost, which is not necessary to pay for a gaming device. It is worth taking only if you have a large amount of money that you are willing to spend on a laptop, or if your work is related to design, or graphics.

Battery and operating time

Choose a manufacturer that can provide maximum performance for the longest possible period of time. Do not forget that many laptops have a system for automatically switching from autonomy to performance for specific tasks.

An important condition will be not only the rate of discharge of the battery, but also how quickly it can be charged. Good laptops charge up to a hundred in a couple of hours, and keep from 6 hours of active work.

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