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Here’s How You Can Convert A PDF File To EPUB

by Ethan More

Many people use formats like PDF and EPUB to use books and documents on the internet. The use of these formats is increasing among people due to the availability of digital libraries. You can read different books using your phone due to these formats. Your business can also depend on PDF and EPUB. PDFs are simple to use and share with others. 

But, people face various issues with PDF files as they are fixed and not editable. It is the reason that many people prefer the EPUB format. Many people prefer EPUB for reading eBooks. You can also convert PDF files into EPUB. In this article, we will tell you about the use of PDF to EPUB Converter

Difference Between PDF and EPUB

PDF and EPUB are the two formats you can access on multiple platforms. They also come with security because you can use passwords to keep them safe. Still, there are many differences between these two formats. Below, you can check the main differences between PDF and EPUB:

  1. Readers have to struggle a lot while reading books using a PDF format. They have to pinch, zoom and scroll the pages of the PDF document. But, people do not face these issues with EPUB files. This format resizes the file to fit the screen. EPUB is a reflowable document as it adjusts the document to the device. So, you can read ebooks comfortably through EPUB. 
  2. Users can create EPUB files easily on their devices. Also, they are easy to edit. Changes are made in EPUB files through modifications in its HTML codes. People also use software and websites to create EPUB documents. Users can create a PDF file through Adobe Acrobat’s PDF creator. Also, you can use the best PDF Converter to create these files. But, many PDF files are usually fixed and not editable. 
  3. You can use EPUB files on different reader platforms. It is perfect for eBook users. Also, people read them on their computers, phones, tablets, etc. users can access ePUB files on Apple’s iBooks, Barnes and Noble’s Nook. Many eReaders do not support PDF files and you can just see them on your devices.
  4. EPUB provides better security options than PDF. Users protect their PDF files through a password system. It is easier for people to remove the password for these files. On the other hand, EPUB provides DRM protection through which no one can share your files without your permission. Also, it protects EPUB files from theft.
  5. Usually, PDF files are static documents with text and pictures. You can also add videos, but you have to use a PDF file in a specific reader for this. On the other hand, EPUB files contain text, audio files, videos, and images. You can add these multimedia elements by yourself in the EPUB files. 

Ways To Convert PDF To EPUB

People can convert PDF files to EPUB using websites or software. Below, you can check more details about them:

  1. There are different websites available through which users can convert PDF files into EPUB. You can use a trusted online converter for this purpose. You can upload the file to convert. Then, choose the EPUB format for the conversion process. Click on the convert option to turn your PDF file into EPUB.
  2. Best software options are available to convert PDF files into EPUB. They are best to convert PDF files offline. Also, this software is compatible with different devices. They help users to customize files and change their text and layout. Also, the interface of the PDF to EPUB converter is simple. 

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