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Every Single Detail You Should Know About Magic Mushroom Spores

by Ethan More

There is good demand for mushroom spores in the US. These spores are generated because of asexual reproduction in fungi. The mushroom that people eats is also produced through spores. Also, the production of spore for human consumption has been increasing over the past years, with an estimated annual global production of 200,000 tons from more than 200 species.

Many types of mushroom spores are available for medical purposes. As per the research, these spores can save humanity. Also, there are magic mushroom spores that contain psilocybin. In this article, we will talk everything about magic mushroom spores and how you can buy them legally:

Cultivation Of Magic Mushrooms Is Illegal

You can find mushroom spores that contain active ingredients like psilocybin. When psilocybin spores (magic mushroom spores) are generated, it produces mycelium. Then, we get the magic mushrooms that are illegal in many countries. Magic mushrooms are completely illegal in the US. You can face jail time if you cultivate them or buy them from any shady dealer. 

These hallucinogenic mushrooms are produced when mycelium produces and make mushroom fruiting bodies. Do not plan to buy psilocybin spores, if you want to cultivate them. Only countries like Jamaica, Brazil, and Samoa have given permission for cultivating magic mushroom spores.

Buying Magic Mushroom Spores Is Legal

The government has only allowed to purchase or sell magic mushroom spores. You cannot buy them for cultivation purposes. Many people buy magic mushroom spores for microscopy only. They conduct scientific research on mushroom spores through a microscope. A researcher does not need to be a part of a university or a research program to purchase magic mushroom spores for microscopy. A microscope with 1000x magnification is the best option to do the microscopy of these spores. Do not buy spores that are germinated and produce mycelium. 

People can choose from magic mushroom spores in the form of syringes or prints. A spore print is a visible print that looks like the gill pattern of a mushroom. On the other hand, a spore syringe is made by mixing the spores into distilled water. You can easily buy magic mushroom spores from online suppliers who provide them for microscopy exploration. You can visit the website of the supplier of mushroom spores and then make payment through easy options. 

Cost Of Magic Mushroom Spores

You can easily get the magic mushroom spores at affordable prices online. There are many suppliers online that provide these spores to customers at their doorstep. They will provide you with mushroom spores in the form of syringes or prints. The cost of magic mushroom spores is around $18–$30 per 10 mL.

Storing Of Magic Mushrooms Spores 

You have to store magic mushroom spores properly to use them for many years. The lifespan of mushroom spores is around 12 months in a fridge. Syringes do not last longer than prints. People can keep the spore prints in a cool place for more than ten years. 

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