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Does THC Vape Pen Genuinely Lower Nicotine Craving?

by Anshu Dev

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is a molecule found in Cannabis Sativa. Cannabis has been used for medical, recreational purposes for a very long time. Today, scientists have evidence that cannabis has helped people with sleep disorders, depression, stress, anxiety, and many more. Apart from that, it is also reported that THC-infused products help lower nicotine cravings. There are many forms of THC available in the market, namely – THC infused capsules, THC Vape Pen, THC oil that can be used either with THC Vape pens or can be infused with some other products.

Nicotine addiction, also known as ‘Nicotine Dependency,’ comes into the picture when a person cannot stop smoking, despite understanding how harmful the after-effects can be. Some of the harmful effects of Nicotine as mentioned below: 

  • Cancer
  • Increase the risk of diabetes
  • Gastrointestinal Problem
  • Blood Flow Risk 
  • Dizziness
  • LightHeadedness
  • Heart Rate Fluctuation

Apart from the effects mentioned above, it also affects the central and peripheral nervous systems. Therefore, the researchers from Virginia Commonwealth University have concluded that the Delta 8 – THC might be therapeutic and help lower nicotine cravings detox south florida.

Before the legalization of vape pens, people used traditional medication to eliminate the habit of smoking cigarettes, but it comes with a hefty price on health, like dry mouth, trouble with indigestion, insomnia, and many more.

With the increase in studies, it has become a proven fact that vaping cannabis helps reduce the craving for Nicotine and helps people quit smoking cigarettes at ease. They are ditching expensive cigarettes for THC Vape pens.

How does the THC Vape Pen help in Reducing Nicotine?

It is very important to understand that cannabis (THC) is not a miracle drug that will eliminate the addiction immediately. However, it can be very effective in breaking down nicotine addiction. If you plan to quit Nicotine, you must know that it is not a walk in the park. There are several side effects related to nicotine withdrawal. Some of them are:

  • Mood Swing
  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Night Sweats, etc. 

There are several ways to intake THC. Apart from helping in lowering the nicotine addiction, THC also helps through the withdrawal phase. THC vape pens are considered more effective, as it gives a direct hit and creates a euphoric effect. This helps calm the nerves and muscles that tend to stretch while you are in the transitioning phase. 

Why THC Vape Pens Make It Easier to Quit Nicotine?

Vape pens are considered a new way to lower nicotine cravings. First, they do not emit smoke, as they do not burn like cigarettes. Instead, they release vapor by vaporizing the oil or other added product. Vapes pens also eliminate the need for lighter matches and reduce the spark and toxic smoke. 

Vaping THC is said to modulate or even satisfy the brain’s reward center without even the deadly effects of Nicotine. It kind of acts as a healthier replacement for Nicotine.

Cannabis might mimic some of Nicotine’s effects.

People often smoke Nicotine as it gives them relief from stress or might act as a stimulator by increasing dopamine levels and neurotransmitters, also called the “Happy Hormones.” Also, it activates the reward pathway, which gives feelings of relaxation and euphoria, combined with an increase in dopamine.

Cannabis (THC) also duplicates the effect of Nicotine, if vaped, which is reported to relieve stress, lower anxiety, and create happiness, by increasing dopamine, without harming the body. I vaped with a THC vape pen, which gives a slightly high, as it is psychoactive in nature that helps in reducing irritability.

THC Vape pen relieves nicotine withdrawal symptoms

Nicotine withdrawal can take you through a rough phase. It can be very uncomfortable with nasty side effects. If the smoker feels irritated and infuriated, they will go for another cigarette. But THC vape pen helps you curb the displeasure caused during the transition phase. 

According to the studies, vaping THC also helps manage the withdrawal symptoms such as:

  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Headache

THC Vape pen helps break the psychological addiction

The habit of smoking cigarettes is nothing but a psychological factor. Nicotine and other addictive factors do not have any role to play here. People stick with a cigarette and other tobacco-based products because it’s in their mind that this substance gives them relaxation and relief from anxiety and stress. 

Apart from lowering substance dependency, THC vape pens also help break and replace the habit of smoking. Vaping THC oil is one of the most effective ways to curb the need for Nicotine.

To vape cannabis, a THC vape pen is needed that heats and vaporizes the oil, and then you inhale the vapor, which gives an almost similar effect to smoking. However, Vaping allows you to microdose on THC, which keeps the flow of cannabis in your system continuously. Thus, reducing the addiction issue.

Should You Try THC Vape Pen to Quit Nicotine?

The American Cancer Society reported that almost 500000 people die every year due to excessive nicotine intake. They say that smoking kills more people than accidents, drugs, and alcohol if combined. Though the treatment is new, and research is still going on, it is said to be effective in helping people handle the change.

Apart from Nicotine, people use a THC vape pen to reduce the habit of harsh substances like – heroin, opium, LSD, and many more.


If you want to consider THC pen vaping to eliminate nicotine addiction, it is advisable to consult your doctor first. Also, if you are pregnant, do not vape or use a substance that might cause discomfort and complications.   

With delta8 thc and vaping pens on your side, you can reduce the craving and addiction by breaking the psychological factor related to smoking. Instead of burning the THC strains, vape pens vaporize them. So, all you need is a vape pen and oil, liquid, wax of your choice!

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