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Do You Need A Sales Funnel & How To Create One?

by Ethan More

Do you think that the products or services you are creating will sell like crazy without you investing in any kind of marketing? If the answer to that question is yes, then I’d advise you to think your strategy over, because this is certainly not how you’ll become successful on the market. Advertising and marketing your products properly is the key towards becoming successful, and you need to play the marketing game long-term if you really want to grow your business. Click this to get a better understanding of the importance of marketing.

Speaking of playing the game long-term, there is one concept that you must have heard of already, and that you definitely need to take into more consideration. In case you cannot guess what I am getting at with this, let me make things completely clear right away. Basically, I am referring to the sales funnel, and you certainly need to give this concept much more thought if you want to succeed nowadays.

A sales funnel is basically the representation of your customers’ journey, including all the stages from awareness to actual action, i.e. to purchasing your products or services. There’s absolutely no doubt that you’ve heard of this concept previously and that you are familiar with it, at least to some extent. What you’re wondering, though, is whether you really need this funnel, as well as how to create it if you do.

Those are undoubtedly important questions, and I am going to answer them for you today. Thus, if you simply continue reading, you will get a clearer idea on whether you actually need a sales funnel, as well as how you can create the perfect one for your business, should you decide to do that. So, let us start answering those questions.

Do You Need A Sales Funnel?

This is a question that is fairly easy to answer. Basically, yes, all businesses need sales funnels. So, your business needs it as well. If you take a look at, you will realize that creating one of these funnels today isn’t that difficult, which is why you shouldn’t even wonder whether you need it or not. It can be extremely useful, and since you can create it so easily, there’s no reason to wonder if you should do it. 


Of course, you probably won’t just take my word for it and go through with this. Instead, you want to know exactly why you need a sales funnel, and I am now going to tell you more about that. There are a lot of great reasons why you should use this specific strategy to your advantage and create the perfect funnel for your business.

For starters, you need to understand that the buying cycle isn’t instant, which basically means that you need to be there for your potential consumers while they go through several different stages. That is precisely what a sales funnel allows you to do. Instead of simply letting your potential customers leave since they are not ready to buy something right this instant, you’ll work towards holding their attention, perhaps by giving certain value for free and by keeping your company on their mind through e-mails and other channels. That way, when those people are finally ready to buy, you’ll be there, and they’ll buy from you instead of your competitors.

Since the buying cycle isn’t instant, it should be clear that you have to build trust in order to convert your visitors into consumers. Once again, a sales funnel provides you with the perfect opportunity to do exactly that. You can use automated responses, automated e-mail series, as well as social media, in order to build trust and establish yourself as a reputable and reliable brand. That, in turn, will lead towards more conversions.

Speaking of establishing yourself as a reliable and reputable brand, you probably understand that it will take some time to get there. And, in addition to taking time, it will take a lot of effort. By creating a great sales funnel, you’ll certainly increase your chances of getting properly established on this market and people will start perceiving you as a trusted brand. Thus, you’ll not only gain a lot of new customers, but you’ll also manage to retain existing ones.


How To Create One?

Now that you get the importance of sales funnels and the role they play in the success of your company, you are most probably interested in getting a better idea how to create one. The good news is that you can nowadays create an automated sales funnel, and such a process will be quick and easy. Of course, you should get familiar with all the crucial concepts that play a significant role in the creation of this strategy, such as the AIDA model and similar, but here’s the thing. Once you get the right tool, you’ll be able to create a great funnel in no time.

So, what I am trying to say here is that you should divert your focus towards finding and choosing the right tool that can help you do this. There are a lot of amazing ones that you can find online these days, but you need to do some research before you choose the best one for you. While doing the research, you’ll have to focus on checking precisely what the particular tools you’re inspecting can offer you, but you’ll have to do one more important thing as well.

In short, you’ll have to research the creators and providers of those tools, because that plays an enormous role in their quality. Take time to check the experience of the brand, as well as the reputation. There are some amazing reviews out there that you can use to your advantage when researching those brands and their tools, so make sure to find them. After you’ve done your research on enough different brands and tools, you should compare the information you have found and make your ultimate choice.

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