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The Rise of “Bien New Song”: Exploring the Evolution of a Musical Genre

by Yash

Music has always been a powerful medium for expressing emotions, telling stories, and connecting people from different cultures and backgrounds. Over the years, various genres have emerged and captivated audiences worldwide. One such genre that has gained significant popularity in recent times is “Bien New Song.” In this article, we will delve into the origins, characteristics, and impact of this unique musical style.

The Origins of Bien New Song

Bien New Song, also known as “BNS,” originated in the coastal regions of Vietnam in the early 2000s. It is a fusion of traditional Vietnamese folk music, contemporary pop, and Western influences. The term “bien” translates to “sea” in English, reflecting the genre’s connection to the coastal lifestyle and the sea’s influence on the lives of the people in these regions.

The emergence of Bien New Song can be attributed to a group of young musicians who sought to modernize traditional Vietnamese music while preserving its essence. They aimed to create a genre that would resonate with the younger generation and bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary music.

The Characteristics of Bien New Song

Bien New Song is characterized by its catchy melodies, poetic lyrics, and vibrant instrumentation. It often features a combination of traditional Vietnamese instruments, such as the dan bau (monochord zither) and the dan tranh (16-string zither), with modern instruments like the guitar and keyboard.

The lyrics of Bien New Song songs typically revolve around themes of love, nostalgia, and the beauty of nature. They often incorporate vivid imagery and metaphors, painting a vivid picture in the listener’s mind. The poetic nature of the lyrics sets Bien New Song apart from other mainstream genres, as it evokes a sense of nostalgia and cultural pride.

Another notable characteristic of Bien New Song is its rhythmic complexity. The genre incorporates various rhythmic patterns and time signatures, adding depth and complexity to the music. This aspect appeals to both musicians and music enthusiasts, as it offers a unique listening experience.

The Impact of Bien New Song

Bien New Song has had a profound impact on the Vietnamese music industry and cultural landscape. It has revitalized traditional Vietnamese music, making it more accessible and appealing to younger audiences. The genre’s fusion of traditional and contemporary elements has attracted a diverse fan base, transcending generational and cultural boundaries.

One of the key contributions of Bien New Song is its role in preserving and promoting traditional Vietnamese music. By incorporating traditional instruments and melodies into modern compositions, the genre has helped keep traditional music alive and relevant in a rapidly changing world. It has also sparked interest in traditional instruments among younger musicians, leading to a resurgence in their popularity.

Bien New Song has also played a significant role in promoting Vietnamese culture on the global stage. With its unique blend of traditional and modern influences, the genre has captured the attention of international audiences. This has led to collaborations between Vietnamese Bien New Song artists and musicians from different countries, further enriching the genre and fostering cultural exchange.

Examples of Bien New Song Artists

To better understand the diversity and talent within the Bien New Song genre, let’s explore some notable artists:

  • Son Tung M-TP: Son Tung M-TP is one of the most prominent Bien New Song artists. His songs, such as “Chung Ta Khong Thuoc Ve Nhau” and “Lac Troi,” have garnered millions of views on YouTube and have become anthems for the genre.
  • My Tam: My Tam is a well-respected Vietnamese singer known for her soulful voice and emotional performances. Her song “Dung Hoi Em” showcases the beauty and depth of Bien New Song.
  • Trong Hieu: Trong Hieu gained recognition after participating in the Vietnamese version of “The Voice.” His rendition of Bien New Song songs, such as “Em Cua Ngay Hom Qua,” captivated both the judges and the audience.


1. How has Bien New Song influenced other musical genres in Vietnam?

Bien New Song has had a significant influence on other musical genres in Vietnam. Its fusion of traditional and contemporary elements has inspired artists across different genres to experiment with new sounds and styles. For example, pop artists have incorporated traditional Vietnamese instruments into their compositions, adding a unique flavor to their music.

While Bien New Song originated in Vietnam, its popularity has spread beyond the country’s borders. The genre has gained a following among Vietnamese communities around the world, particularly in countries with large Vietnamese diasporas. Additionally, international audiences have shown a growing interest in Bien New Song, thanks to its distinct sound and cultural richness.

3. How has technology contributed to the growth of Bien New Song?

Technology has played a crucial role in the growth of Bien New Song. Platforms like YouTube and social media have provided a global stage for artists to share their music and connect with fans worldwide. The accessibility of digital music streaming platforms has also made it easier for listeners to discover and enjoy Bien New Song.

4. Are there any traditional Vietnamese music purists who oppose Bien New Song?

While Bien New Song has gained widespread popularity, there are some traditional Vietnamese music purists who express concerns about the genre’s fusion with contemporary elements. They argue that it dilutes the authenticity of traditional music. However, many artists and enthusiasts believe that Bien New Song serves as a bridge between generations and helps preserve traditional music in a modern context.

5. What does the future hold for Bien New Song?

The future of Bien New Song looks promising. The genre continues to evolve and attract new talents who bring fresh perspectives and ideas. As more artists experiment with the fusion of traditional and contemporary elements, Bien New Song is likely to expand its influence both within Vietnam and on the global music scene.


Bien New Song has emerged as a vibrant and influential genre within the Vietnamese music industry. Its fusion of traditional Vietnamese folk music, contemporary pop, and Western influences has captivated audiences worldwide. The genre’s catchy melodies, poetic lyrics, and rhythmic complexity have made it a favorite among both musicians and music enthusiasts.

Bien New Song has not only revitalized traditional Vietnamese music but also promoted Vietnamese culture on the global stage. It has bridged the gap between generations and attracted a diverse fan base. The genre’s impact can be seen in the collaborations between Bien New Song artists and musicians from different countries, as well as the resurgence of interest in traditional Vietnamese instruments.

As Bien New Song continues to evolve and gain recognition, it is poised to shape the future of Vietnamese music. Its

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