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Athenahealth Vs eClinicalWorks: A Comprehensive Overview of Both EHRs

by Ethan More

Athenahealth EMR presently collaborates with over 160,000 providers. On the homepage of the EHR, users can check the daily schedule and patient information, as well as handle orders and view incoming test results. The billing module can be used in conjunction with the EHR or alone, and its rules engine is patented and regularly updated. In addition to offering insight into daily obligations, unique benchmarking, and proactive trend analysis, medical practice management software also provides visibility into daily responsibilities. eClinicalWorks is a top-performing EHR system that commands a substantial portion of the EMR industry. Over 850,000 care providers and over 130,000 medical professionals rely on this platform’s outstanding services. eClinicalWorks EMR’s primary objective is to provide a complete platform that serves as a one-stop shop for all physicians.

Athenahealth EMR 

Athenahealth is a cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) and practice management platform that offers various medical software solutions to healthcare practices. These solutions aim to prevent document charting burnout, improve patient care outcomes and clinical experiences, and reduce the risk of medical errors. Its streamlined and unified software systems for healthcare providers aim to improve clinical decision-making by facilitating access to patients’ health records and maximizing financial outcomes, revenue cycle management, and the mitigation of staffing shortages.

Athenahealth EMR Key Features


Allow for the secure sharing of medical data across different healthcare organizations. Find patient records by connecting directly to pharmacies, imaging facilities, pharmacies, public registers, and other healthcare institutions. Integration with CommonWell or Carequality makes it possible to incorporate them into existing workflows as well.

Task Management

This remarkable solution enables users to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. Customers may complete the duties quickly and effectively by opening many tabs at once, which enables them to leave no unfinished business.

Online Scheduling 

It permits patients to schedule appointments through an online platform. You have the ability to adjust functionality to meet the requirements of your practice, which will boost patient happiness and cut down on the amount of manual scheduling labor performed by front desk employees.

Efficient Customer Support

Those users who were having trouble with the implementation received the necessary support. According to the majority of users, there is always access to practical support for everyone who uses the system.

Athenahealth EMR Pricing 

Because its pricing is determined by a proportion of total patient visits, the Athena Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is unquestionably designed with the patient in mind. It does not come with a huge price tag, and as a result, it is easily affordable for practitioners of all sizes, from very small to very large.

Athenahealth EMR Demo

A free demo can be scheduled on the website of the software which will aid users in understanding various features and characteristics of the software before investing in it.

Athenahealth EMR Reviews

The electronic medical record software provides some useful templates, and the patient portal is satisfactory overall. The majority of customers have cited the implementation as being the most problematic aspect. Numerous customers have voiced their dissatisfaction with the RCM and Billing, claiming that both of these systems are unreliable.

eClinicalWorks EHR 

eClinicalWorks is an electronic medical record (EMR) solution that is hosted in the cloud and aimed to revolutionize the delivery of medical care. Through the utilization of robotic process automation, this integrated suite defies all the odds that are associated with the healthcare industry. It creates a chronological overview of individuals’ medical records and brings together the disparate components of the healthcare network. Be aware that eClinicalWorks is a proprietary EMR solution for the healthcare industry. This program improves the efficiency of medical offices by incorporating cutting-edge technology into its design.

eClinicalWorks EHR Key Features


The eCinicalWorks EMR software is seamlessly connected with the Practice Management System, which enables the clinic to conduct comprehensive check-in and check-out procedures for its patients. This synchronization also provides a method that is error-free from the time the patient enters the clinic to visit the doctor until they leave the billing office.

Mobile Application

Your staff and providers must have access to the EHR at all times and locations. The eClinicalWorks iPad application “eClinicalTouch” allows users to see patient records, reorder prescriptions, record encounters, and plan appointments. Although the app has significant restrictions compared to the web/desktop version, it facilitates communication and increases the efficiency of your team and providers. Another application, eClinicalMobile, enables the practice to access patient information via a mobile device.

Electronic Medical Records

Cloud-based eClinicalWorks electronic medical records (EMR) software includes client portals, records management, registration reporting, and HBO View. In addition to electronic medical records, eClinicalWorks offers a variety of practice management capabilities, including an intuitive dashboard for monitoring patient progress. Moreover, the program will facilitate payment processing for you.

eClinicalWorks EHR Pricing

eClinicalWorks has a pricing structure that starts at $449 per month per user. In addition to that, it can be purchased with other features for an additional cost of $599 per month. The software does not come with a free trial version, unfortunately.

eClinicalWorks EHR Demo

Still unsure about the software and doubting your investment? A free demo is the answer to all your issues and can be scheduled whenever one wants on the official website. This will help one understand the way software works.

eClinicalWorks EHR Reviews

The feature-rich software has received more positive feedback than negative feedback from users. According to the reviews of eClinicalWorks, the program successfully upholds the quality of all of its features. In addition to this, it assists in the development of reports by providing a comprehensive set of reporting tools that can be used to generate reports that are rich in detail and analyze these reports. This system also makes clinical procedures portable for its users, which is a huge convenience. It is compatible with an infinite number of mobile devices.


The aforementioned details will aid you to choose the most suitable EHR for your practice.

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