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5 Amazing Ways to Increase Your Appetite

by Ethan More

Loss of appetite occurs when an individual has a low desire to eat, typical for one or two days. The problem arises when the condition persists for a long time, making you drop a few pounds or become malnourished, meaning something is wrong with your body.

Various factors cause decreased appetite, and they can either be mental issues or physical illness. Some of these conditions are temporary, while others are more serious and pose health risks to an individual. Possible causes include:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Medication side effects
  • Illnesses
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Drug abuse

Luckily, several strategies have been proven to regain a healthy eating habits. So, here are 5 unique ways you can increase your appetite: 

Use THC Gummies

Do you know what THC is? If you don’t, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is one of the potent compounds naturally found in cannabis. The chemical has been used for years to manage various conditions such as pain, insomnia, stress, and depression. However, one of the popularly known uses of cannabis compounds, such as THC, is to increase appetite.

So, If you want to boost your appetite, you must try THC gummies. They’re beneficial since they provide long-lasting effects. These edibles help you maintain a regular eating habit, ensuring you attain your desired body weight. 

In fact, According to research, cannabinoids such as THC promote food cravings by stimulating the endocannabinoid receptors in the body. THC also increases metabolism, making you feel hungrier as your body demands more energy.

The cannabinoid receptor type 1 (CB1) is located in various areas such as the basal ganglia, small intestines, limbic forebrain, rhombencephalon, and hypothalamus. All these places play an essential role in enhancing eating pleasure in an individual. Hence, it is a fact to say that THC gummies increase your appetite by interacting with appetite-stimulating sites, thus regulating your body weight. 

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Try Exercising More

Most people report that certain physical activities improve their eating desire. As you exercise, the body burns high amounts of calories to boost the energy needed during the training. After the workout, you may experience extreme hunger since your body wants to replenish the lost calories. 

Based on a 2018 case study, participants were put in continuous 16 days of training. In a day, they lost about 835 calories on average. As a result, their food intake increased to compensate for the lost calories during the exercises. However, it is essential to note that your appetite will not increase after one or two days of workouts. You need to engage in regular activities for several days to stimulate your appetite. 

Moreover, individuals who barely have time to visit a gym for exercises can include light workouts while doing their daily duties like walking to pick up groceries, cycling to the coffee shop, or walking their dog in the evening. Well, it is better to do light workouts than none at all. 

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Try Herbs and Spices

Humans have used herbs and spices to manage various conditions, including loss of appetite. These natural plants send signals to the gut, thus regulating hormones that stimulate appetite. Some herbs and spices also treat bowel disorders such as bloating, which can alter your eating habits.

Fortunately, certain carminative seasonings can manage flatulence and bloat, increasing your appetite. Further, these herbs and spices can trigger bile production, which helps in fat digestion. Some carminative plants include; 

  • cinnamon
  • mint
  • ginger
  • fennel
  • peppermint
  • coriander
  • black paper 

Besides healing your stomach problems, natural spices can also intensify the flavor of your food. The lovely taste and smell will trigger your craving, increasing your appetite. 

Other herbs known as bitter conics can stimulate digestive enzymes, improving your appetite. Gentian, centaury, and blessed thistle are a few examples of bitters tonics you should try. 

Eat Small Portions Of Meals Frequently

When an individual has a low appetite, it can be hard to finish a full plate of food at once. This is one of the reasons experts recommend dividing such a meal into four to six dishes and consuming it throughout the day. It can increase your motivation to eat, increasing your appetite in the long run. And as your eating habits improve, you can gradually increase your food portions in these small meals.

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Make Meal Time a Social activity

Taking your food with your friends or family increases your food intake compared to eating alone. You can also try to watch your favorite shows when taking a meal since it shifts your focus on the food at hand and subconsciously encourages you to eat more.

A 2006 case study showed that the participants consumed more food when watching TV or with friends. This proves how eating together can increase your food intake.


Many factors can lead to losing appetites, such as stress, depression, and physical illnesses. However, you can manage these conditions by incorporating several activities and products into your daily routine. The advantage of these tips is that they are all-natural and cannot cause adverse effects on your health. Take a step and try these 5 amazing ways to increase your appetite. 





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