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2024 Din Ka Choghadiya: Know Your Day’s Auspicious Timings

by Yash

Are you looking to make the most out of your day in 2024 by knowing the auspicious timings according to the Choghadiya? This ancient Hindu calendar system divides the day into eight parts, with each part having a specific quality that can influence the success of activities undertaken during that time. Understanding the 2024 Din Ka Choghadiya can help you plan your day effectively, whether it’s for important meetings, travel, or any other significant events.

Understanding Choghadiya

Before delving into the 2024 Din Ka Choghadiya, it’s essential to have a basic understanding of how this system works. The word “Choghadiya” is derived from two Sanskrit words: “Chau” meaning four and “Ghadi” meaning parts of time. Each Choghadiya is allocated a specific quality based on its ruling planet, which can be auspicious, neutral, or inauspicious for different activities.

The Eight Choghadiya

  1. Amrit Choghadiya: This is considered the most auspicious time of the day for any activity.
  2. Shubh Choghadiya: This period is also considered good for starting new ventures.
  3. Labh Choghadiya: This time is auspicious for financial matters and business dealings.
  4. Chal Choghadiya: This period is considered neutral and is suitable for routine activities.
  5. Udveg Choghadiya: It is advisable to avoid starting important work during this time as it is considered inauspicious.
  6. Rog Choghadiya: This period is considered inauspicious for health-related matters.
  7. Kaala Choghadiya: This time is inauspicious for any work and should be avoided.
  8. Dagdha Choghadiya: This period is considered unfavorable for any auspicious activities.

Benefits of Following Choghadiya

Following the Choghadiya can have several benefits:

  • Enhanced Success: Choosing an auspicious time based on the Choghadiya can enhance the chances of success in your endeavors.
  • Positive Energy: Performing activities during auspicious timings can attract positive energy and favorable outcomes.
  • Avoiding Negativity: By avoiding inauspicious timings, you can steer clear of negative influences that might hinder your progress.

2024 Din Ka Choghadiya

Now, let’s explore the 2024 Din Ka Choghadiya. Each day of the week in 2024 will have specific Choghadiya timings that can guide you in planning your activities effectively. Here’s a brief overview of the Choghadiya for each day:


  • Morning: Shubh, Labh
  • Afternoon: Amrit, Shubh
  • Evening: Chal, Labh


  • Morning: Chal, Udveg
  • Afternoon: Udveg, Rog
  • Evening: Chal, Udveg


  • Morning: Amrit, Shubh
  • Afternoon: Labh, Chal
  • Evening: Shubh


  • Morning: Udveg, Rog
  • Afternoon: Kaala, Dagdha
  • Evening: Amrit


  • Morning: Rog, Kaala
  • Afternoon: Dagdha, Amrit
  • Evening: Shubh, Labh


  • Morning: Udveg, Rog
  • Afternoon: Kaala, Dagdha
  • Evening: Amrit


  • Morning: Chal, Udveg
  • Afternoon: Rog, Kaala
  • Evening: Dagdha, Amrit

By aligning your activities with the auspicious timings of the Choghadiya for each day of the week, you can make the most of the positive energies and influences, increasing the likelihood of success and favorable outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the significance of Choghadiya in Hindu astrology?

Choghadiya is a system in Hindu astrology that helps in identifying auspicious and inauspicious timings for various activities throughout the day based on the quality of time attributed to each Choghadiya.

2. How can I use Choghadiya to plan my day effectively?

By consulting the Choghadiya timings for each day, you can choose the most auspicious periods to start important activities like business deals, travel, or other significant events, thus increasing the chances of success.

3. What are the most auspicious Choghadiyas for starting new ventures?

The Amrit and Shubh Choghadiyas are considered the most auspicious for starting new ventures as they are believed to bring positive energy and success to new beginnings.

4. How can I avoid negative influences by following Choghadiya timings?

By avoiding inauspicious Choghadiyas like Udveg, Rog, and Kaala, you can steer clear of negative influences that might hamper your progress or success in your endeavors.

5. Can Choghadiya timings vary from region to region?

Yes, Choghadiya timings can vary slightly based on the region and specific astrological calculations followed in that area. It is advisable to consult a local astrologer or almanac for the most accurate Choghadiya timings.

Understanding the 2024 Din Ka Choghadiya can help you harness the power of auspicious timings and align your activities with the cosmic energies for a successful and fulfilling day. By incorporating this ancient wisdom into your daily routine, you can navigate life’s challenges with more confidence and positivity. Embrace the auspicious timings, and may success and prosperity flow effortlessly into your life!

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