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what is the blue circle on my samsung

by Vinay Kumar

The blue circle on my samsung phone is the location and status icon. It’s a place to get information, and it’s usually the one we’re going to be looking at for the next few minutes. It’s usually the only information we have on the phone at any given time. The blue circle is also the first thing we see when we start an app on the phone.

I see this icon for every phone. It looks like I’m going to be watching a movie on my phone and not reading the script. Its a good place to start.

In my samsung phone, the blue circle is where I will be looking for my phone, and when I start an app from there it shows up as the first thing I see on the screen. And because this icon is always there, I will always know where my phone is. When I use the blue circle, I am always going to be looking for my phone.

That icon works a little differently than on your iPhone. On your iPhone you will see a blue circle, and on your phone you will see a blue circle. That is because the icon on the phone is different than the icon on your phone. On your phone it is just a blue circle, but on your phone it is a square.

I’m not sure if it has something to do with the blue circle being round, but I do know that it makes me think of the square square square of the samsung. I can never have enough screen space in my life.

I have the Samsung S2. When I was using the blue circle on my phone, I had a very small circle so it was very easy to miss. I had to look very closely to see the blue circle. I also had to look very closely to see the black circle icon on the S2.

I found the purple circle icons on the S2 because I was looking at the blue circle in the pink side. That’s when I realized that I was actually looking at the purple circle icon that was currently on the S2. My life was probably looking at the purple circle icon. It made a huge difference to me whether it was a close call or a close call at the moment. The purple circle icon is actually the symbol for the purple circle.

I guess I should have been more careful with my S2. I can’t really say I understand what the icon means, but it’s something to be aware of.

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