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set alarm for 3 45

by Vinay Kumar

I wake up early on Monday mornings and get ready for the day ahead, and I always have a set alarm for my 3:45 am wake-up. I set the alarm for that time because that is the time I am most likely to be in my best mood.

When I’m not in my best mood, I set my alarm for the time that’s closest to the time of the day when I’m most likely to get a good night’s sleep.

The idea behind this alarm system is that it will create a sort of “calendar” which tells you when you should be having the most relaxing time of the day. Most people, however, don’t set alarms for their time. Instead they set an alarm for their own time, and as a result they get really grumpy. I have set alarms for my time for years, and I have never been grumpy.

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