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quoizel outdoor lighting

by Vinay Kumar

I actually have a few outdoor lighting options that might be in the works, but this one is my best. It’s the most energy-efficient of all the options that I use, and it’s especially designed to enhance the space and light.

For this one, I decided to go with “quoizel” because that’s what lightbulbs are called in French. The “quoizel” is a kind of light bulb that is basically two colored wires with one at the end. It gives off a kind of white glow that can be seen from a long distance.

I was able to get this from the company that makes the world’s best outdoor lightbulbs by making sure that the lights have a lot of red and yellow filaments and that they are shaped in a way to enhance the space and light.

The problem is that it can cause the light to be reflected, which can cause shadows to appear in an eerie way, so I’d advise keeping it off your lawn in your backyard.

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