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day 1 meaning

by Vinay Kumar

What I mean is that the first day of something should be about the action. It should be about the effort. As long as you are trying, you will find that you will be able to accomplish more in it, not less. With that said, I believe that most people are ready to go with it and move on with their day. I am sure that you have that day planned or even that you will have it planned for you.

This reminds me of the quote by the late, great Howard Thurber that was a favorite of mine when I was a kid. I don’t know the exact quote, but it goes like this: “In a world that is constantly getting crazier and crazier, the way to keep yourself sane is to try and keep the craziness of the world from your mind.” So, if you’re going to do something, do it with a lot of passion.

If you’re going to do something, do it with a lot of passion.

Day 1 of Deathloop is the day that the Visionaries are going to be locked into. This is the day that some of the old guard of Blackreef, the Visionaries of old, will be locked in, and our goal is to kill them all before they can kill our character.

With the Visionaries locked into their room, we can start our mission. As you can probably guess, our goal is to get a bunch of guns and kill the Visionaries in the room. The Visionaries are locked into their room because they can’t see the outside world, and so they need to hide there until their enemies arrive.

The first two days will be easy, but after that we are in for it. You should have a clear image of how we will get to the Visionaries, and once we do, we will be able to see the room, go through the locked door, and kill the Visionaries.

Sounds easy right? Well, as you can imagine, this is a pretty tough first day, and there’s a reason for it. We have no idea where the Visionaries are and how to get there. Colt’s not even sure what we’re supposed to be doing. Of course he’s going to try to kill them, but there’s also a reason the first two days are easy. We are all about being ruthless.

We know that once we unlock the door, we will be able to see all of the rooms. We’ll get to see the first visionaries which is the room we are looking for, but we won’t actually see the Visionaries until the second day. The reason is that the Visionaries are going to be there and we’re going to see them, but to see them we’ll have to see them. So we have that to work with.

We are also told that one day we will meet the Visionaries in a room where the door is going to be locked and we can actually get in the room. And so it is a good thing we only need to see the room once (i.e. in the first day). We will be able to interact with the Visionaries in the room (i.e. not only seeing them, but interacting with them as well).

So what does that mean then? Well the first day begins with the Visionaries meeting us in the room and then we get a chance to see them interact in the same room. It’s a great chance to find out more about the Visionaries, get a sense of what they’re like, and maybe find a way to help them out too.

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